Thank you so much for your guidance, help and support.  I'm leaving Cambria a much different person than when I arrived just a few days ago.  I owed most of that to you.  I just wanted you to know how deeply and positively our session affected me.  I'm looking forward to working with you in the future. 
Thanks again Darcy ~ you are Magnificent!

~ Gwen B.

In 2008 I was studying for my state board exam in clinical psychology after completing 3000 post graduate hours of client time. I was so stressed out and out of balance; mind, body and spirit that I knew I needed a massage. I had noticed this new business in the West Village of Cambria, a purple awning with Amethyst Healing Center written on it. I had even remembered the number 927-1700. I called and Darcy got me right in. Immediately I felt safe and cared for during the session.

Not only did Darcy give me the best massage I have ever had, she read my energy. She assured me that I was meant to be a therapist by a force greater than myself and I would be directed by my Spirit Guides and Mother Mary. I see Darcy two times a month and her treatments are profound. She is a Healer, an Intuitive and she Channels for me. I go to her for balance and Spiritual support.

I have been to many Healers, Intuitives, Channelers and Psychics but never had the rich experiences Darcy has given me in the last 3 years. She helped me through on of the most painful times in my life; the loss of my beloved dog Maxwell Bear. I am so grateful to Darcy for her unique talents. I recommend her services and refer my private practice clients to her as well.

~  Marian A. Willingham M.A. LMFT

About Darcy Cleome

Darcy's is one of a kind intuitive healing is spot on, is incredibly accurate and results oriented.  Having worked with her personally and as a resource with my own clients, I find her work to be almost magical as she clearly and accurately moves through the issues with a gentle, loving and non-invasive approach.  Miracles really do come true with Darcy.  My mother is living proof - having recently been hospitalized and on life support for six weeks, Darcy worked with me and the doctors to bring her off of life support.  She is now home and says she feels better than she has in years.  Thank you Darcy for your consistent and accurate healing touch.

~  Deborah, Intuitive Wellness Coach

From the very moment that Darcy came into my life, my perceptions, my awareness, and spiritual path has been enhanced and enlightened. She carries with her the sacred energy of the masters and has gifts that I’ve only started to understand. My first session with her cleared and healed my chakras and this was just the beginning for me. Just being in her presence will shift your vibration and help you change your energy from stagnant, unhealthy, and negative to free, energetic, and positive, feeling whole and with your power flowing like it is supposed to. I’ve learned so much and I’ve become a much better person, and I thank the universe for bringing Darcy into my life.

~ Nick Palance

The work that I have done with Darcy is profound. She always meets me where I am and assists me in knowing the next crucial steps in my life. Her insight helps me release old patterns. Darcy is a gifted healer and teacher and is a true beneficial presence on this planet.

 ~ Jennifer Russell

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Darcy's Background :

Soul Level Healing, aromatherapy, massage, bodywork, sound healing, medical intuition, guided meditation and transformational technologies. She travels locally and internationally to teach and lecture, for private healings and to heal Mother Earth. She has written books, as well as articles for local and international magazines and newspapers. Darcy opened Amethyst Healing Center in 2007, which has moved from it's 8 year location on Main Street to Darcy's home office in Cambria, and Violet Flame Publishing in 2013. See the services page for more information on healing intensives,classes and off-site services.

Multi-Dimensional Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Channel, Writer & Founder of Amethyst Healing Center.

A near death experience in 1986 left Darcy with the ability to see energy and communicate with Spiritual Beings. As a clairvoyant channel, she heals on multiple dimensions and channels the Ascended Masters and Angelic realm. Enjoy Darcy's book "The Way of the Awakened", meditations, and other heartfelt keepsakes.