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Join Darcy Cleome on her personal journey beginning with a near-death experience. Accompany her through the process of awakening to her healing gifts and abilities, and finally achieving her potential as an intuitive of extra sensory phenomena. Darcy chronicles her own soul examination and transformation, the changes she had to make in her life to accommodate her gifts, and the tremendous growth process she went through to become an internationally recognized multidimensional healer.

Darcy developed a method of healing she believes includes elements of the most genuine parts of every healing modality. This technique tracks and heals issues back to their source, and permanently releases negative patterns by accessing information in all dimensions of time and space. Darcy collaborates with and consciously channels Spirit Guides, Angels and The Ascended Master Teachers.

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Darcy's story includes examples from clients who have embarked on their own multidimensional healing process and makes suggestions on how you, the reader, can uncover your psychic abilities and intuitive skills. Darcy's story will assist and empower you in a loving and compassionate way to realize your unique abilities. You can use these abilities to create a life where you can be your most authentic self. Everyone has the potential to create the life they desire by accessing The Way of the Awakened.